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The Best Shopping List Apps

The weekly shop can has pros and cons for everyone. It's a chance to indulge and treat yourself after a tough week working, but you also need to remember exactly what you're there for and keep the whole family happy. Which is why most of us usually have some form of shopping list to help us navigate the isles and remember everything we need.

The latest iOS 7+ has a great notes app and is enough for most but you could be missing out if you're not using a custom shopping list app that includes features dedicated to the weekly shopping task. The ability to save your usual items and quickly mark off what you have and what you need khelps make shopping less stressful. Does the whole family run iPhones or iPads, why not download the one of the shopping apps that allows you to sync shopping lists between people? You won't forget dads beer and the kids can let you know what cereal they would like. 

If you think a shopping app could help you out, check out our listing of top shopping apps. Sure, it would be nice if someone else would do the shop for you, but the next best thing is to make things a little easier with the right shopping app.

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