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iPhone 6 has Arrived

Posted on September 10th 2014, by Chris

After months of anticipation Apple has finally released their new iPhone models, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The main thing that stands out with these models is the increase in size but there's been updates to the technology that powers the iPhone. Read on to find out more.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are noticably bigger than the iPhone 5S

Bigger is Better

The most notable difference between the new and old models is pretty obvious, they're BIG! Especially the iPhone 6 Plus which has an overall increase of 1.5 inches across it's display when compared to the previous iPhone 5S model. Anyone with dainty paws might want to consider steering clear of the iPhone 6 Plus.

It's great to see Apple haven't taken the option of holding back on the iPhone 6 Plus and released it at the same time as the 4.7 version. Given Apple's popularity they could have released it early next year and made even more money from people upgrading from the 4.7 version.

Given the significant step up in size it'll definitely be worth checking the models out in the flesh before making a decision. The videos and images, even when compared next to the smaller iPhone 5S, don't really give a good indication of how larger the new models are so get down to an Apple store and try them out before you make a decision to buy.

With a size increase comes an increase in pixels. Both iPhone 6 phones come with Retina HD displays with a resolution of 326ppi and 401 ppi. Combine this with higher contrast, better white balance and a better polariser (you can now see what you're doing when you have sunglasses on), and you get a display which is going to be clearer and crisper than the iPhone 5S.

Larger displays mean more pixels with Retina HD

Size Brings more Power

A larger screen size requires more horse power so Apple have combined the iPhone 6 with it's new A8 chip. This means more power and because it uses the power super efficiently you also get better battery life than it's smaller sibling. That's right, the battery IS BETTER than the previous iPhone 5S model. The A8 chip is built around power efficiency which means when all these blockbuster, graphic intensive games, are released later in the year, the iPhone 6 can run them on the larger display for a longer amount of time before you need to find a plug. 

The new A8 chip means the CPU and graphics perfromance is more than 50 times faster than the orginal iPhone

iSight Camera

Updating the physical size of the iPhone allows Apple to update its camera and mean it's photo capabilities allow you to take even more beautiful shots. It has the same f2/2 aperture and has stuck with the same 8MP resolution as previous iPhone models. But what makes the camera stand out from the others is it's clever use of technology. The photo sensor has a system Apple has termed Focus Pixels which should help the camera focus quicker and more accurately. High end DSLRs use similar technology to determine focus points but Apple have decided to give it a name. Whether it's as good as they make out will only be know when we get hold of the iPhone 6 and take it's camera for a spin.

The iSight camera has kept the Two Tone flash which helps ensure a more accurate capture of colour in your photos. You may notice the reolution of 8MP is the same as the previous model but the camera does have a new sensor which allows for updated abilities meaning the iSight camera will be as awesome as ever we're sure.

iPhone 6 Video

Along with the static shooting improvements Apple was keen in the keynote to tell us all how better video capture is on the iPhone 6, and I have to say on paper it looks very impressive. 1080p video at 60FPS. Slo-mo video at 720P and 240FPS.  Apple may not be a first for 1080P 60FPS video but there isn't many phones out there that achieve this recording rate and it will keep amateur movie makers more than happy. 

Along with the updated video specs the iPhone 6 has an inbuilt timelapse mode so you can create timelapse videos automatically. Just the excuse you were looking for to get that mini tripod.

iPhone 6 Front-Facing Camera

The front-facing camera has always lagged behind it's back-facing counterpart so Apple has tried to resolve this starting with matching the main iSight cameras aperture of f2.2. More light (81% apparently) equals better performance and less noise making those of us addicted to selfies all round happier people! Continuous shooting, or burst, mode, now rapid fires 10 photos in a second so you have more chance of capturing the perfect photo even see what you're snapping.

The front-facing camera also has manual exposure control, better face recognition features, improved HDR features and a timer mode (concentrate more on aligning your shot and you don't have to worry about pressing the shutter button!)

Touch ID

The previous iPhone model introduced Touch ID, security built around fingerprint recognition. Users can unlock their phone using their finger/thumb print and also have the ability of approving purchases through the App Store and within iTunes. 

If you watched the keynote you'll be aware Touch ID is going to feature even more in the new iOS 8 and is allowing 3rd party developers to gain access to this feature for the first time. The most exciting news around Touch ID has to be Apple Pay, which we'll go over in another article. It's clear to see that Apple believe the future of payments is going to involve the iPhone.


What Else does the iPhone 6 Offer?

It's easy to forget the iPhone 6 is actually a phone and can make calls. I know. Really, though, it does allow you to speak to friends and family. Apple haven't forgotten this core principle and state the new iPhone 6 has faster 4G LTE up to 150 Mbps and 20 LTE bands. Apple say is more than any other smartphone and 7 more than the previous iPhone 5S model. Along with faster roaming speeds, if you have the right router you can also get upto 3x faster WIFI than the previous iPhone models. 

Should I buy one?

So the iPhone 6 sounds the business but the main question is, why should you buy one? If you haven't already splashed your dime and ordered a new iPhone 6, check out our tips on whether you need an iPhone 6.


If you missed the iPhone 6 keynote you can view it at the following link: Apple iPhone 6 Keynote

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