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BioShock Out for iPhone

Posted on August 21st 2014, by Chris

Bioshock is one of the greatest first person games ever released and this fact is still true 7 years after it's original release date (we're prepare for some COD backlash here). Since 2007, BioShock has gone through several sequals with the latest being BioShock Infinite. Forget those sequals though, the most important news for now is that if you're lucky enought to own an iPhone or iPad that's running at least iOS 7.1, you now have the awesome privlidge of experiencing the delights the original journey to Rapture has to offer, because Bioshock is now available for iOS devices.

Following on from their successful port of  XCOM: Enemy Unknown, 2k Inc have successfully ported the original BioShock game over onto iOS which is quite impressive given the size of the game and the 2gig size cap enforced for iOS apps.

Check out the BioShock iOS launch trailer below.

If you've never played BioShock it's definitly worth downloading if you enjoy first person shooters and want to experience a different environment to your usual shooters (BioShock's environment is an underwater city called Rapture). We're not going to provide a review of the game, simply Google for this and you'll quickly find out why the original BioShock has become a classic.

If you want a blockbuster game to get your teeth into for your iPhone or iPad, head over the the App Store now and check out BioShock.

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