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Thundergod - Naturespace Thunderstorm Lightning and Rain Storm Sounds to help you sleep meditate and relax

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For most of human history and across myriad cultures, the thunderstorm has struck fear and awe into the heart of man, and was attributed to the actions of the mightiest gods. With Thundergod, Naturespace brings you the mystical power of the sky and some of the deities that were named to explain the unexplainable. Thundergod was recorded entirely by the Naturespace engineering team using the latest HD recording technologies and proprietary holographic microphone techniques that provide a true "being there" experience. The five masterfully crafted, seamless loops are designed to create steady states of different intensities, environments and moods while conveying a sense of the supernatural; from the most intense thunderstorm to a gentle rain into water.

Over the last 4 years we have captured more than 65 thunderstorms throughout the U.S., including Montana, Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Dakota, Texas and Kansas. Like everything in the Naturespace catalog, the locations matter. It's not enough to simply recreate the sound of thunder. It's the paths the thunders travelled across the skies over a multitude of landscapes. From open fields to deep canyons and lush forests, we have chosen the best lightning strikes, thunder, rain and environments to bring you the ultimate thunderstorm experience. Listeners consistently report sensations beyond hearing, such as the feel of raindrops on the skin, or the sensation that the ambient temperature lowers. Thundergod delivers the finest recreation of being in a thunderstorm available. But it goes beyond that...

There is very little in our daily lives that resembles the past. Nature however, is timeless. So it's not just about thunder as it is today, but about how it has always been. Download Thundergod and travel not only to a new place, but a different time, when gods ruled the world.


Naturespace exclusive Earbud Optimization mode
Seamless looping provides endless listening
Simple and elegant user interface
Unsurpassed audio fidelity
Built-in sleep timer
Highly efficient power management
100% Natural Sound; no music

Attention Earbud Users: Great care has gone into creating the earbud optimization mode for Thundergod. We are confident that this is the most realistic thunderstorm experience available for earbuds anywhere, at any price. The exclusive Naturespace earbud optimization process is unsurpassed at accurately reproducing the sounds of the natural world on earbuds. Having said that, with earbud optimization off, Thundergod unleashes the full potential of even the finest headphones; the sky is the limit.

If you are new to Naturespace, we invite you to download our free app. Please visit the Naturespace blog at to post questions or comments. Thank you for supporting Naturespace.

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