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Muscle Premium - Human Anatomy, Kinesiology, Bones

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***** The worldwide best-selling reference for reviewing muscle and bone details and explaining anatomy to patients. Recommended by physical therapists, sports trainers, massage therapists, and orthopedic specialists. (See their reviews below!)
***** Muscle Premium includes true 3D models of hundreds of muscles, bones, ligaments, bursae and nerves. Rotate, zoom into, and dissect to create ideal views of body regions.
***** Muscle attachments are visually depicted using paint on bones and pins on muscles. Common muscle actions are recreated in moving 3D models that you can zoom into and rotate. Pronunciations and detailed definitions describe origins, insertions, innervation, blood supply, and actions. Hundreds of quiz questions facilitate quick study and review.

***** iMedicalApps calls Muscle Premium "incredibly impressive at highlighting complex anatomy...The combination of impressive detail and 3D graphics mean this app is a market leader.”

***** Check out some of the customer reviews for Muscle Premium:
“...I use [Muscle Premium] in my sports medicine practice as a teaching tool for patients. They love it.”
“This app has saved me hours of frustration and time in cadaver lab!”
“As a third year orthopedic surgery resident, [this app] provides a great starting point to begin a more thorough understanding of an anatomical region. In planning surgical approaches and dissections, it's helpful to have such a resource.”
“...[Muscle Premium] aids me in explaining medical issues to patients...the constant learning that this app stimulates is the real joy.”
“I am a Speech-language Pathologist...and this program is great for studying head and neck.”
“Before this program, trying to memorize all the muscles seemed confusing and insurmountable, with this program I study a group a day, or few days, until I am confident in it; then move on to another group... all the while using quizzes to help keep things fresh.”
“I’ve been a massage therapist for over 25 years and this is the program I use in my workshops.”
“I am training to be a fitness trainer...[This app] is so detailed it is practically hands-on, and has made it incredibly easy to learn the muscles.”
“I use this almost every day in my PT clinic for reference and for teaching my patients.”
“Awesome app. I’m a physiotherapy student and this app has helped me in a lot of my anatomy classes.”
“My chiropractor showed me this app on his iPad and I was amazed, so I bought it for me (professional voice singer and teacher) and my husband (who is in massage therapy school).”

Muscle Premium is the ideal app for anyone studying or teaching human anatomy and kinesiology.

Studying for the NPTE? This interactive study guide is perfect for physical therapy students or anyone in the field of sports medicine to prepare for their clinical exam.

Muscle Premium also great for healthcare professionals to use with patients or as a personal reference tool. Have an interest in the muskuloskeletal system and muscle movement? This app is a visually stunning way to explore and learn about muscles.

About the Model
Muscle Premium is the most sophisticated and complete true 3D model of the human musculature available. This app includes highly detailed muscular and skeletal models created by a team of expert medical illustrators with decades of experience in biomedical visualization. These experts work in conjunction with professors and healthcare professionals who review all models and definitions.

***** Works on:
- iPad 2 and above.
- iPhone 4 and above.
- Compatible with iOS 6 and above.

Contact Us
Customer feedback is vital to successful products! Email us at Let us know what you like about Muscle Premium, tell us if the app isn't performing as expected, or share ideas for making the app better.

Get App $11.99$24.99 Apple Download Badge

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