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MailShot Pro- Group Email

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Get App $2.99$3.99 Apple Download Badge

Don't you wish that group email was built right into Mail, and your other favorite apps? MailShot is the first app on the Store to let you email groups of contacts right from your favourite apps, just as if it was built into your device.

This version of our popular app can create up to 100 groups, each with 100 or more contacts (limits depend on email provider). Come see why over 230,000 people are already using MailShot to send email to groups.

MailShot creates special entries in your address book that you can use for sports or work teams and family, church or friends groups. You don't need to use a separate Group Email program for mailing.

INSTRUCTIONS Tap the blue "+" in the address line of your mail to add the special contact MailShot created for you (TIP Don't type the name into the address line)

A free-to-try lite version of MailShot is also available on the App Store (and is upgradable to the same capabilities via an in-app purchase.)

• Use MailShot group contacts from almost any app*, just like a regular contact.

• These special contacts can be used from all your other iOS devices, sharing automatically using iCloud.

• Send documents, photos, or any other attachment to a group, directly from the apps that create them.

• Forward received email with all attachments intact (MailShot is the only app we know of that can do this.)

• Protect privacy, by placing MailShot groups in the bcc: fields of your email.

• Siri can send email to your groups by name.

• Add multiple contacts at once from your address book, using a checklist. Or rapidly Import entire address book groups.

• Avoid cluttering up your personal address book by adding contacts manually.

• NEW Add a string of addresses at once (from received mail, Outlook etc.)

Here are some typical comments from users- check our App Store reviews for many more.

Tim, Scotland- UK
This is a brilliant app and just what the iPad was waiting for... An absolute must-have.

Sportsdave- US
A Life saver... I found Mailshot and my (groups) problem was solved. It is a very easy application, I now have more than 15 email groups ranging from 5 addresses to 30. It is awesome.

Morningbell- US
Excellent and easy for the less inclined. I was able to send to many people at once, while keeping their privacy intact.

Dave Smith- US
An awesome addition. I use my IPad extensively for email, and have numerous groups I correspond with... MailShot was my perfect answer. Strongly recommend this app.

PNort- US
Should have been part of the iPhone email feature set from the outset. This is a GREAT utility!

Tony Stucco-US
This app is brilliant... Bravo!

What are you waiting for? Give it a try and join hundreds of thousands of our satisfied customers already using MailShot.

*MailShot contacts can be used from tens of thousands of Mail-compatible apps on iOS devices.

Exceptions we know of are QuickOffice, Evernote and most Calendar apps. Other dedicated mail apps such as Gmail and Mailbox apps cannot handle MailShot groups, but you can use it with GMail accounts from the standard Mail app.

MailShot is not designed for sending text messages.

In iOS6 MailShot will ask permission to access your contacts on first start. Your email address, and those of your group are never shared with us- everything happens on your device.

We pride ourselves on our quality of support and are always happy to hear from you.

You can find a full guide, support information and tips at Please get in touch using the Support button in Mailshot if you have any issues, or suggestions for future updates.

Get App $2.99$3.99 Apple Download Badge

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