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LogTen Pro 6 Data Export

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"LogTen Pro is my favorite aviation app!"
- Jeffrey Robert Moss, CEO of Flying Like the Pro's and 2010 CFI of the year

“...The iPad version adds that native full screen logbook that is just SO NICE to use compared to the little iPhone. This couldn't be more flexible or convenient! Thanks for the great App and cross device functionality!”
- Peter Fruehling

The leading international pilot logbook for iPhone (also available for the Mac, and iPad in their respective App Stores), LogTen Pro is the tool of choice for tens of thousands of pilots in nearly 200 countries, and every major airline. We design everything to be completely customizable for your type of flying, country, region or company so you can track exactly what you need.

iPad vs. iPhone, what’s the difference?
LogTen Pro for iPad, as the name suggests, is a full blown professional logbook built specifically to take advantage of the unique user interface offered by the iPad. It leverages the same core infrastructure as the Mac and iPhone versions of LogTen Pro to give you unmatched capabilities on the go, but thanks to the large screen and touch capabilities of the iPad, interacting with your logbook is a whole new experience.

what takes three taps on the iPhone you can do in one on the iPad. Your data is always visible, and with popovers and inline editing adding new flights is faster, and easier than ever before.

+ Automatically detects your region so you don’t have to sift through logbooks for other countries.
+ Simply touch a report and you can select a date range and then view it full screen before choosing to export or share via

Gives you running totals for the selected group so you can see at a glance how much PIC or XC time you have for a particular period or aircraft.

Allows you to sync flights from your iPhone or iPod Touch while on the go (requires LogTen Pro for iPhone)!

- Enter data quickly and intuitively
- Simple configuration makes LogTen Pro simple for all types of pilots - you have access to all the power, but don't have to deal with anything that doesn't apply to you!
- Syncs wirelessly with LogTen Pro for the Mac or LogTen Pro for iPad**
- Instructors and examiners can digitally sign your logbook right on the screen
- Search Flights, Aircraft, Types, Places, People and Certificates
- Track Trips, flights, deadheads, reserve and standby duties and more
- Filter your time any way you want or define your own limits and currency with powerful Smart Groups
- Visual limits lets you see at a glance if there's any issues with your schedule
- Generate and view reports right on your phone, then publish to to share online!
- Export data in a variety of formats and email for use anywhere.
- Built-in, 28000+ airport database
- Automatic night time calculation
- Automatic great circle distance calculation
- Real time duty, rest and flight time tracking
- Use local or zulu time entry
- Take your entire logbook with you
- Take photos with your iPad 2 and assign to any resource!
- Fully manage all Aircraft, Types, Places, People and Certificates
- When used with Mac or iPad functions as complete backup of your data

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**Syncing with Mac requires LogTen Pro for the Mac 6.0 or later.
**Syncing with iPhone requires LogTen Pro for iPhone 6.0 or later.
***WiFi connection required for syncing.

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