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Get App $1.99$0.99 Apple Download Badge

DistanceMap is a fast, easy to use range finder app for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or iPad!

***Get Altitude, Latitude, and Longitude for anywhere in the world, NOT just your current location!!

**Distances can be measured in feet, yards, miles, meters, kilometers, or nautical miles!

***Save locations to use later!

***Save multiple locations at once as a group.

**Add an image to any location!

*** Search function that allows you to search by Address, City, Zip, Places, or Latitude and Longitude!

*** Full screen mode!

*** Landscape support!

*** Displays current heading direction!
(Must have compass ability for this feature)

***Map rotation based on your heading.

** Pop Out Compass!

Three Modes to choose from!
**Default Mode: Measures distances from your current location.

**Point to Point Mode: Allows you to select the starting point. Then all distances will be measured from that point!

**Total Distance Mode: Allows you to measure the total distance of all pins added! (Great for measuring around a perimeter)

Add a pin by taping and holding anywhere on the map.

Simply move the map to your target and tap and hold anywhere on the map or use the toolbar button to add a pin. That's it! Distance will be calculated from where you are standing (Default Mode) and update as you move! Or when GPS signal is weak or you are indoors, just switch to Point-to-Point mode and select your starting point!

With DistanceMap you can also add multiple pins to get different distances!

DistanceMap is great for golf, hunting, boating, or anytime you need to know the distance to a target.

For Golf:
**No downloading courses and wasting valuable space on your iPhone.
**No more wondering if your home course is available.
**No more second guessing how far out you are.
**Add multiple pins at once to get distances to hazards, water, or any landmark!

For Running
**Use total distance mode to measure how far your run is.

For Hunting:
**Get the distance to the end of that field.
**Get the distances for all landmarks around you so you know the range when the moment of truth arrives!

For Boating:
**Get distances to the dock or to your favorite fishing spot!

Get App $1.99$0.99 Apple Download Badge

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