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Cardup - Free Chat & The Most Affordable & Cheap Local Voice, Talk & Call, International, Roaming and Long Distance Calling App

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• Outbound Calls Anywhere In The World Starting From 0.0025 Cents.
• Say Bye Bye to Traditional Call Rates Per Location


Calling in general is a great way to communicate instantly with family and friends around the globe, the major problem though is expensive call rates to all parts of the world. Almost everyone at Cardup have relatives and friends overseas so we first hand understand the pain and have sought out a way to fix it. Although they’re alternatives solutions like voip applications which requires the other party having the same application, placing outbound calls for certain rates per country or hooked up to your landline which isn’t mobile and also phone cards which also have call rates depending on the country you’re calling to; we thought there should be a better and more affordable way to this.

We came up with a very simple and great user interface for the Cardup application which makes adding contacts and placing calls or talking in conferences very seamless.

Once you initiate a call, you’ll receive a callback once answered you’ll be connected to the destination number you specified, from there you can start talking.

We love the concept of callbacks which enables you to place calls for other people using your Cardup account; imagine you have a friend who wishes to call a colleague but doesn’t have any means to do so, you can simply modify the callback number to your colleagues and he’ll be connected to the destination number.

=Sharing & Incentives=
You can now share your Cardup experiences with your family, friends and colleagues and receive up-to 200 free minutes for doing so each time.

For the first time ever, you'll be able to purchase deals inside of Cardup, that provides you with up-to 50% our regular rates, to provide you with even cheaper rates!

-100% HD Voice Quality.

= FAQ =

What's the purpose of Credits?
Credits are used to make calls, calls are charged depending on the location you're calling.

How can I use Credits?
By placing a call to any location.

Why you should use Cardup?
We're the most affordable option to call anywhere in the world and our voice quality is the best yet.

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