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ASVAB Practice For Dummies

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Everything you need to pass the ASVAB exam or improve your score – in an App!
Currently, the only App of its kind in the store! Do not take the ASVAB test without practicing.
The ASVAB (short for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is unlike any test you’ve ever taken. Sure, the text covers standard academic areas, such as math and English, but it also measures your knowledge of other areas, such as mechanics, electronics, science, and assembling objects. No matter which branch of the military you want to enter, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard, the best way to get a good score on this entrance exam is to practice AND practice the right materials. This essential app provides a comprehensive review of all test subjects and covers the latest updates, including the new short-length ASVAB and a sample of the Armed Forces Qualifying Test. You'll discover the pros and cons of the paper and computer exams, which tests are important to your military career and vocations, and cutting-edge study techniques. If you are new to the ASVAB test or retaking the test to raise and improve your ASVAB score, you’ll find everything you get to practice and prepare in this app.

App Features:

Multiple Choice Study Questions broken out by categories, so you can target your study skills and better understand the ASVAB test’s formats. Practice questions in all these areas:
· Communication features Word Knowledge & Paragraph Comprehension
· Arithmetic = Reasoning and Skills
· Technical Skills = General Science, Auto & Shop, Mechanical Comprehension, Electronics, and Assembling Objects

Three full-featured practice tests are designed to help you at every stage of the test-taking process.
· Practice Test #1 tests you early on to identify areas needing more study
· Practice Test #2 evaluates your study progress
· Practice Test #3 is designed to be taken about a week before your actual ASVAB test date.

AFQT (Armed Forces Qualification Test) this bonus test reinforces critical areas of the ASVAB!

Countdown timer for YOUR ASVAB Test Date

Tips, Tips, & More Tips
Truth be told those who do well on tests are those who’ve learned to study efficiently – along with a dash of test-taking psychology. This section includes information on how to prepare for the ASVAB, including improving your study techniques. You’ll get practical tips on how to answer Multiple Choice Questions, memorize key concepts, overall test-taking tips, pretest preparation strategies, and even how to make educated guesses when you have to.

This App is loaded with extras that answer all your questions including:
· ASVAB Subtest Descriptions and Information
· Scoring – the hows and whys of computing your score and what it all means
· Retaking the ASVAB
· Paper vs. Computer-based ASVAB
· Ten Ways to Improve Your ASVAB Score

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